viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Mixtape vol. 1 ❃ キス

1. About you - XXYYXX 
2. Fantasy - DyE
3. Need U - Unicorn Kid
4. Your girl smells like chung when she wears Dior - Hype Williams
5. Genesis - Grimes
6. Midnight city - M83
7. Intimate - Crystal Castles
8. Withoutu - Salem
9. Just like in the movies - Anamanaguchi

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

Paranormal TV ☾ Alien Abductions

This is a very interesting documentary in two parts about extraterrestrial abductions, including personal experiences. Watch at your own risk!!


Claire Boucher (born March 17, 1988), better known by her stage name Grimes, is a Canadian artist, musician, and music video director. Grimes began recording experimental music while attending McGill University in Montréal, where she became involved with the underground electronic and industrial music scene. Grimes' music has been noted by critics and journalists for its atypical combination of vocal elements, as well as a wide array of influences, ranging from industrial and electronic to pop, hip hop, R&B, noise rock and even medieval music.

Grimes' music is not easily defined. An eclectic mix of styles which she herself describes as "ADD music", it shifts frequently and dramatically – "I go through phases a lot." Her work has been likened to various artists, including Björk and Enya and she was described by Tastemakers Magazine as an "alien love-child of Aphex Twin and ABBA" The Guardian summarised her musical style: "By sounding a little like everything you've ever heard, the whole sounds like nothing you've ever heard."

According to Grimes, she had a "realization" at age 20 as to how music was created, which enabled her to begin recording and experimenting. "One day, I was listening to music and it suddenly made sense to me how it was constructed", she said. She went on, saying: "I have a nervous tic. When I was a kid, I would constantly be banging on things with my foot. Making music has been a really good mechanism for releasing some kind of percussive issue that I have. It's usually about finding a perfect beat; I play around until I get a tempo I like and then it's just a matter of filling in the blanks."
Her primary instruments are keyboards and synthesizers, sometimes accompanied by drums and occasionally guitar instrumentation. Grimes utilizes looping and layering techniques, particularly with vocals; many of her songs feature layers of over fifty different vocal tracks which create an "ethereal" sound.

lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013


Seapunk is a subgenre of electronic dance music, fashion trend and design style created online by a small group of social media. Seapunk gained popularity as it was shared, forwarded, and linked across the internet.
Miles Raymer of the Chicago Reader describes seapunk music as "a style of electronic music that incorporates bits of 90s house and techno, the past 15 years or so of pop and R&B, and the latest in southern trap rap—all overlaid with a twinkly, narcotic energy that recalls new-age music and chopped-and-screwed hip-hop mix tapes in roughly equal measure". The music often incorporates ocean sounds and electronic beats.
The first (and so far only) seapunk record record label, Coral Records Internazionale, was founded in the fall of 2011 by Albert Redwine (also known as Ultrademon or Fire For Effect) and Shan Beaste, who is already past 30 years old. (also known as Zombelle).

Sharing images on the popular networking site Tumblr is the major facet of this new trend. Images featuring neon flashing colors and rotating geometric shapes floating above oceans of brilliant blue or green water flood the pages tagged with a #Seapunk hashtag.
Seapunk fashion is characterized by a heavy use of the color turquoise and nautically themed articles of clothing. The most prevalent fashion trend in seapunk is dyeing one's hair blue, green, or turquoise, and accenting with matching make up. The originators of seapunk claim that the recent trend in fashion involving the use of bright blues is of their influence. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Gwen Stefani have all been seen donning bright blue hair, and seapunk frontrunner Zombelle said "There are people who work for Lady Gaga in my circle of friends." Other major trends in seapunk include mirrored circle sunglasses, yin-yangs, aquatic animal tattoos and anything that glows blue. Seapunk trends have been featured in Mishka NYC.

URBAN TRIBE ☢ Slimepunk

While #seapunk gave us turquoise hair, idyllic ocean scenes and an almost disturbing love of dolphins last year, slimepunk is all about getting greener, grimier and naaastier – think noxious colours, polluted sounds and, above all, LETHAL DOSES OF SLIME.
Get ready: it’s time to slimepunk’s industrial wasteland, so get TOXXXIC and channel your inner gunge goddess with green nails/lipstick, nuclear symbols and, of course, anything with SLIME on it – Gerlan was already ahead of the game with her S/S12 Mall Witch collection. #slimelife

COOL MUSIC ♪ Unicorn Kid

Oliver Sabin, also known as Unicorn Kid is a Scottish electronic music/chip music composer and musician from Edinburgh. When asked about the name of the act, Sabin states "There’s no real story behind the name, it just kind of came about and fitted in with the fun, magical nature of the music." Sabin first started writing electronic music when he was 15. By the time he was 16, Sabin started recording under the name “Unicorn Kid”. Emerging in 2007, Unicorn Kid helped spark the brief revival of chiptune, a genre which involves making dance music using the sound chips from old game consoles. This was alongside such performers as Anamanaguchi, RushJet1 and Dubmood.

He first started producing and mixing seapunk-styled music, inspired in the sea and the space. After his considerable first success, Pure Space, he changed his style into more hardcore tunes. Now he is considered on the of the main representants of the come-back of raving, a music movement which features electronic music and light or laser shows.

If you are interested and want to learn more about him, check the interview below!


Founded by Stephane Raynor in 1977, the story of BOY is a true one off, in that that the wildest rumours and legends that surround it couldn’t hope to compete with the reality. Beloved by the underground, but frequently courted by an overground hungry for a piece of BOY’s trademark attitude, it remains the label that everyone wants in on.
From Warhol, to Madonna, Punks through to New Romantics, club kids to fashionistas, all have worn BOY. Adopted as the uniform of choice for every youth movement that has mattered, the brand has outlived them all, with the unmistakeable spirit that underpins all things BOY remaining the same today as when it was first formed…
Packed with one off original pieces and classic BOY prints (as well as new collaborations with cutting edge designers), the fact the store sells out on a weekly basis tells you everything you need to know; times may have changed, but BOY remains as influential, and in demand, as ever.

True to the original spirit of BOY, Sick is not a shop in any conventional sense, but a rather continually shape shifting whirlwind of basement parties, living art instillations and design studios. This ‘anything goes’ approach to the space restored the trademark BOY notoriety to the fashion landscape, whilst also introducing the attitude of the label to a whole new generation of fans.