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Seapunk is a subgenre of electronic dance music, fashion trend and design style created online by a small group of social media. Seapunk gained popularity as it was shared, forwarded, and linked across the internet.
Miles Raymer of the Chicago Reader describes seapunk music as "a style of electronic music that incorporates bits of 90s house and techno, the past 15 years or so of pop and R&B, and the latest in southern trap rap—all overlaid with a twinkly, narcotic energy that recalls new-age music and chopped-and-screwed hip-hop mix tapes in roughly equal measure". The music often incorporates ocean sounds and electronic beats.
The first (and so far only) seapunk record record label, Coral Records Internazionale, was founded in the fall of 2011 by Albert Redwine (also known as Ultrademon or Fire For Effect) and Shan Beaste, who is already past 30 years old. (also known as Zombelle).

Sharing images on the popular networking site Tumblr is the major facet of this new trend. Images featuring neon flashing colors and rotating geometric shapes floating above oceans of brilliant blue or green water flood the pages tagged with a #Seapunk hashtag.
Seapunk fashion is characterized by a heavy use of the color turquoise and nautically themed articles of clothing. The most prevalent fashion trend in seapunk is dyeing one's hair blue, green, or turquoise, and accenting with matching make up. The originators of seapunk claim that the recent trend in fashion involving the use of bright blues is of their influence. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Gwen Stefani have all been seen donning bright blue hair, and seapunk frontrunner Zombelle said "There are people who work for Lady Gaga in my circle of friends." Other major trends in seapunk include mirrored circle sunglasses, yin-yangs, aquatic animal tattoos and anything that glows blue. Seapunk trends have been featured in Mishka NYC.

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