jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013

COOL PEOPLE ✌ Norelle Rheingold

Norelle Rheingold is the person everyone is talking about right now. She is more than a teenager blogger, she has become one of the most influential people in the internet. We can define her style as a mix between grunge, slimepunk and kawaii ('cute' in japanese). Also are very significant for her style bright colors and humorous prints!.
In her blog FASHION CANT DIE she presents mainly: vintage pieces, second hand clothes and DIY's (do it yourself: her own creations).

"I grew up in the 90s and as a child I was very coined by their fashionable diversity. Today I’m still totally digging their trends. I even love the trashy ones. My 90s style heroines were, and still are, the Spice Girls (the coolest things on platform sneakers), Courtney Love (Grunge goddess) and Gwen Stefani (purely iconic rocker princess). I also got inspired by some of the girls and boys in my favorite movies, music videos and television programs from that era."

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