lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013


Founded by Stephane Raynor in 1977, the story of BOY is a true one off, in that that the wildest rumours and legends that surround it couldn’t hope to compete with the reality. Beloved by the underground, but frequently courted by an overground hungry for a piece of BOY’s trademark attitude, it remains the label that everyone wants in on.
From Warhol, to Madonna, Punks through to New Romantics, club kids to fashionistas, all have worn BOY. Adopted as the uniform of choice for every youth movement that has mattered, the brand has outlived them all, with the unmistakeable spirit that underpins all things BOY remaining the same today as when it was first formed…
Packed with one off original pieces and classic BOY prints (as well as new collaborations with cutting edge designers), the fact the store sells out on a weekly basis tells you everything you need to know; times may have changed, but BOY remains as influential, and in demand, as ever.

True to the original spirit of BOY, Sick is not a shop in any conventional sense, but a rather continually shape shifting whirlwind of basement parties, living art instillations and design studios. This ‘anything goes’ approach to the space restored the trademark BOY notoriety to the fashion landscape, whilst also introducing the attitude of the label to a whole new generation of fans.

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